• ELKman Features

    Professional-level Features for Real-Life ELK Stack Management & Operations

    Cluster Management

    View and set every cluster setting, with defaults and descriptions. Includes deep status and stats.

    Audit Recommendations

    Best practice audits of your cluster and index settings, with recommendations and explanations.

    No JSON Needed

    Use form-based web UI to manage things like settings, maps, and more. Avoid difficult and error-prone JSON editing.

    Index Management

    View, set, and map indexes with settings and maps. Includes stats and templates, too.

    Shard & Segment Mgmt

    View and manage your shards and their segments. Filter by status, location, plus routing, allocation, and filters.

    Node Management

    View node lists, stats, status, and details such as memory, shards, disk, CPU, JVM, and more.


    See deep & detailed views into cluster problems, with memory, threads, queues, and more.


    Use simple interface to run queries in Google®, Kibana®, and JSON formats. Simplify testing & help eliminate errors.


    Leverage cluster & index views to help understand where things are, how they flow,

    and how they are performing.

    Future Road Map


    Similar to Kibana®, soon we'll have more monitoring details, graphs, and metric histories to make troubleshooting easier and

    more accessible.

    Backups & Snapshots

    Manage and monitor your cluster backups and snapshots.

    Deep Index Functions

    More index data on sharding, routing, activity, analyzers, rollups, and more.


    LogStash® is a key component of most ELK stacks, but can be hard to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot. Our goal is to provide more pipeline and plugin metrics and insights.

    APM / ML Stats

    Track data, configs, security, and use these secondary ELK feature sets.

    Security Management

    Manage, view, and audit the cluster's security settings and activity.

    ILM Management

    Manage, monitor and track Index Life Cycle management,

    including projections, status

    and routing management.

    Wizards, too.

    Scripts & Pipelines

    Manage your scripts, pipelines, and errors.

    Much more to come ...

    We have a big roadmap and our heads are full of management, operations, and troubleshooting ideas. We want to bring it all to you.

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