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ELKman v1.0 Released!

World's First Commercial Elastic® Stack Management Tool

We are very proud to announce the first commercial release of ELKman, the only commercial tool for managing Elastic® stack systems, starting with Elasticsearch.

Targeted to the millions of ELK Stack users who sometimes struggle with ELK management, ELKman provides visual operations, management, tuning, troubleshooting, settings, audit, and much more for clusters of any type, size, or license.

Most users today suffer by having to use Kibana, JSON, and CURL to manage their stacks, which is both challenging and error-prone, especially for more complex operations, troubleshooting, and understanding.

Finally an easy way to manage the Elastic® stack!

ELKman provides an on-site visual tool, similar to common DBA tools, for managing all aspects of Elasticsearch® and soon Logstash and Kibana, too.


Priced at $99 per cluster per year, with a 14-day trial, ELKman is also free for small Dev/Test systems, making it very affordable for any organization that wants to really manage and optimize their ELK Stack.


ELKman also has a long and robust roadmap, with dozens of exciting features to further improve troubleshooting, performance optimization, audit, security, and more.


Available today as a Docker Container and RPMs, with more platforms on the way.

See more at - Improve your Stack Management Today

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