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ELKman Beta Testing has Commenced

Try It Out! Get Free Annual License.

We are excited to get the first version out there for folks to play with, test against their cluster versions and situations, and provide feedback on our vision of how to manage ELK clusters. Starting with ElasticSearch® and a bit of Logstash®, our goal is provide a proper professional interface and management platform for one of the world’s most popular data storage and analytics systems.

Beta testers get free licenses, now and later, and of course our infinite gratitude. In addition, they can help drive and shape how the tools evolve, ideally in a way that best helps them.

The Beta version is ready to go, delivered as a Docker container via Docker Hub, and is installed and run with a single Docker command on any VM, PC, or Mac that can run Linux containers. Not all features finished, and there are some rough edges, but we are eager to get it in people’s hands.

Get your Beta ELKman today at and join the future of ELK Management.

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