• Manage Your ELK

    Finally, a real ElasticSearch®

    Operations & Management Tool. FREE.


    More advanced than Kibana®, dedicated to management, troubleshooting, and operations. Solve your problems today!

    Manage Everything

    Manage and tune your Cluster, Indexes, Mappings, and much more ...

    Visual Views

    See your nodes, your shards, stats, and your data flows in easy-to-understand visual views.

    Audit, Security, & Recommendations

    Run best-practice checks on your settings, stats, indexes, memory, security and more. Also scan for outstanding security notices.

    Slow Queries ?

    Use ELKman to dig into latencies, performance, memory issues, and more.

    Red or Yellow Indexes?

    Use ELKman to find out why, and fix them.

  • Solve Your Elasticsearch® Problems Today

    Having ELK Stack Troubles? Yellow & Red Alerts? Slow Searches?

    ELKman gives you an easy-to-use tool to easily manage and fix things.

    Free Licenses for all versions & editions of Elasticsearch®

  • Key Features

    Professional DBA-Oriented Management & Troubleshooting

    Cluster Management

    See & Manage

    View and Update Cluster settings, including the defaults and transient items. Includes links to docs and popup notes on each setting, as well as stats and details for faster troubleshooting.

    Index Management

    Manage in a UI, not by battling templates

    Full Index, Mapping, Shard, Segment and Settings management of Indexes, including status, statistics, and more. Field Mapping is via proper DBA-style type definitions, not just in JSON.


    Solving Problems Faster

    Dive deep into Elasticsearch® innards, status and stats, memory, threads, queues, and more to find and fix problems quickly. By far the most in-depth data and details of any ELK tool.

    Audit & Recommendations

    Best Practices in a Box

    Leverage best-practice rules and guidelines to review your configuration and stats, then make recommendations while flagging problem areas to look at.

    No JSON

    Manage in a UI, not by fighting curly braces & quotes

    See and change all settings via web forms in your browser, avoiding the painful and error-prone JSON used by other tools.

    A Big Future

    Lots of Powerful Features on the Roadmap

    Monitoring, X-Pack, Logstash Support, ILM Configurations, Security Management, and much more ... we have a LOT of ideas ...

  • Solve Your Elasticsearch® Problems Today

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